Key features

You can develop your app for both iOS and Android platforms once with React Native. Now, it is time to write faster and more effective with BeoUI's complete awesome React Native templates.

Cool animation.

There is no way to sale products without interacting and engaging with your audiences. Let animation does it work! Cool animations of BeoUI are diverse and smooth. This evolution challenges any performance issue.

Flat design with excellent UX flow.

Being cool is not enough. Being accessible and interesting is better. Beautifully showing products, effective side bar and useful navigation ease your customers’ purchasing process. Let’s give them the best online-shopping experience!

Auto Layout.

Horizontal or vertical, big or small, all is not a barrier. BeoUI's templates resize and adapt well with most of devices, and resolutions.

Unlimited updating.

You only need to purchase once and you can get the most updated template version which suites with the newest release of React Native and related components later.

Easiest way to create your own app.

The template goes along with lots of extendable components which are easy to inherit and read Javascript codes and CSS.

Go faster.

BeoUI provides ready-to-use functions that save you hours of designing, coding, programming, and testing.

Screenshots gallery

We save your app-development time by providing some exquisite screens with cool animations and exclusive user experiences, good coding style and highly-extendable ability. All of these are specialized for React Native based mobile apps.